BEIJING jordan 11 retro gamma blue for sale , Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- "Wolf Warrior 2," a domestic actionfilm, has kicked up a storm at China's box office, generatingstrong word-of-mouth buzz since its release.

The film starring Wu Jing as Leng Feng, a former Chinese SpecialForces operative, tells the story of Leng's adventure into Africa'swar-torn regions occupied by insurgents and mercenaries to rescuehis compatriots and African friends.

Hitting screens on July 27, the film surpassed the2-billion-yuan mark as of Friday, topping China's summer boxoffice.

The total box office revenue is estimated to reach more than 3.8billion yuan (about 565 million U.S. dollars) jordan retro 11 cool grey for sale , a new record for theworld's largest film market, according to Maoyan, a major filmdatabase in China.


"Wolf Warrior 2" scored 7.5 out of 10 points on Douban, apopular movie rating platform in China.

But the phenomenal hit was not a blue chip before its premiere,with several big-budget domestic films scheduled for the summerincluding "The Founding of an Army" and "Wukong."

Stills and tidbits of the film soon went viral on social mediaafter its release, including on Weibo and WeChat .

"A lot of my friends with different tastes for film recommendedit to me, so I decided to give it a shot, which proved a very wisechoice jordan 11 retro concord for sale ," said Lyu Guo, a moviegoer.

Word of mouth soon catapulted the film into the spotlight,triggering a box office explosion.

On July 30, the film took nearly 360 million yuan (about 54million U.S. dollars), a new single-day record for any Chinesefilm.

"I'll give it a ten [points], because it is a superb blockbusterand has changed my views on domestic films," said Wang Yingzi, astudent at Tsinghua University.


The film's action scenes jordan 11 retro bred for sale , featuring underwater kungfu, gunfights, car chases and tank battles, culminate with a hand-to-handbrawl between Leng and a supervillain, which gripped the audiencelike a James Bond or Jason Bourne.

"We had military training before starting shooting. Most of theaction scenes were done by actors, instead of stuntmen," said WuGang, who portrayed a retired Chinese soldier.

"Wolf Warrior 2" is inspired by true events.

China's evacuations of nationals and foreign citizens fromconflict-ridden countries such as Yemen and Libya have beenapplauded by the international community in recent years.

Since 2008 jordan 11 retro 72 10 for sale , over 80 Chinese Navy vessels have patrolled the Gulfof Aden and waters off Somalia, ensuring the safety of more than6,000 domestic and foreign ships.

"A person can only feel safe abroad when his motherland isstronger. I have such respect for our People's Liberation Armyafter watching the film," said Cang, a Beijing moviegoer.

The film received standing ovations by Chinese nationals in someCanadian cinemas.

"After watching the film, we went out of the cinema with ourheads held high," said Song Weiya, a Chinese national who lives inToronto , Canada.

The audience resonated with Leng Feng's heroism, as well as asense of honor as the citizens of an ever-stronger nation that isChina, said Yin Hong, a film industry analyst and professor atTsinghua University.

"The film achieved a good balance between the two sentiments.That's one of the major reasons for its success," Yin toldXinhua.


Despite overwhelmingly positive feedback, not everyone is afan.

Leng Feng's invulnerability was seen by some as a big plothole.

"The hero seemed ridiculously invincible in the film, with noregard to physical laws and common sense," a user commented onDouban.

"Superheroes are rarely seen in Chinese films. It takes time forChinese moviegoers to accept and get used to the logic in suchstories air jordan 11 retro for sale ," said Yin. "Heroes also seemed invincible in films such as'First Blood.'"

"The patriotic fervor also needs to be mitigated if the filmaims at international success," Yin added.

"These pitfalls are minor compared with the progress the filmhas made. After all it explored new possibilities for Chinesefilms," said Song. "We finally have our own Jason Bourne."Enditem

MOSCOW, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Pyongyang will take measures to retaliate against new UN Security Council sanctions to plunge the United States into the "most difficult situation" in its history, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) ambassador to Russia, Kim Hyun Joong, said Tuesday.

"Since the United States has thrown a comprehensive challenge to our country in all areas, including political air jordan 11 for sale , economic and military, we are ready to respond resolutely to this, and this is the firm and unshakable will of our army and our people," Interfax news agency quoted him as saying at a press conference.

On Monday, the Security Council unanimously voted for a resolution toughening sanctions against the DPRK, cutting its oil supply by almost 30 percent, banning all its textile exports worth 800 million U.S. dollars and remittances of DPRK laborers from abroad.

The ambassador said that Pyongyang rejected and condemned the "illegal" resolutions of the UN Security Council, which he says has been turned into a "tool" by Washington with the aim to "isolate and strangle" the DPRK.

He said the DPRK "was ready to solve this problem with countermeasures jordan 11 retro for sale ," without offering any specifics.

Meanwhile, the ambassador said that the DPRK would not stop its nuclear program in spite of the sanctions.

"We have developed and are improving our nuclear weapons as a means that can further deter a hostile policy by the U.S. and protect peace on the Korean Peninsula from the danger of a nuclear war," he said.

On Tuesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China supports the latest resolution by the UN Security Council, noting that it reflects its stance in safeguarding peace and stability, advancing denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and upholding international . Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Soccer Jerseys China   Cheap NHL Shirts   Cheap NBA Shirts   Cheap MLB Hoodies China   Wholesale Hoodies   Wholesale NFL Hoodies   Wholesale NFL Hats   Wholesale NBA Hats