BEIJING adidas superstar negras y blancas , July 22 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has concluded his state visit to China, during which Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward a new four-point proposal on the Palestine issue.

Analysts said that Abbas paid his visit to China, from July 17-20, at a time when the Palestine-Israel peace talks remain stalled, U.S. President Donald Trump's policies towards Palestine and Israel remain elusive, and China is pushing the Belt and Road Initiative in the Middle East.

Currently, the Palestine issue seems to have been marginalized as frequent conflicts have been popping up in the Middle East in recent years after the last round of peace talks between Israel and Palestine stalled in 2014.

Palestine wishes the world would pay attention once again to its issue and provide assistance.

During the talks with Abbas on Tuesday adidas superstar negras y doradas , Xi made a new four-point proposal that had more content than the previous version, which Xi made in May 2013 during Abbas's visit to China.

In the new proposal, Xi not only reiterated that China supports a two-state solution to the Palestine issue and supports Palestine in building an independent, fully sovereign state along the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, but also introduced new initiatives.

These initiatives include China's concrete measures to back Palestine's economic development, such as supporting Chinese companies to invest in Palestine and build industrial parks and solar power plants together with the Palestinian side.

Meanwhile, as Palestine's border adidas superstar baratas españa , customs and infrastructure facilities are currently under Israel's control, China has proposed ways to ensure the implementation of these measures, such as a tripartite dialogue mechanism among China, Palestine and Israel to promote major projects to assist the Palestinian side.

Under the proposal, China will host a symposium on peace between Palestine and Israel later this year.

Chen Shuangqing, a Middle East expert from the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said that promoting contacts and communications between Palestine and Israel through non-governmental channels might help re-start the Palestine-Israel political dialogue.

During Abbas's visit to China adidas superstar baratas , China's new thinking on the Middle East issue -- promoting peace through development -- was clearly reflected in China's new moves on the Palestine-Israel issue, said Wu Sike, China's former special envoy to the Middle East.

President Xi mentioned the new thinking for the first time in a speech delivered at the headquarters of the Arab League in Egypt in January 2016, Wu said, adding Abbas's just-concluded visit made this new thinking clearer.

On the Palestine-Israel issue, China has its own advantages as it maintains good ties with both Palestine and Israel and is able to mediate between them, Chen said.

China is expected to play a bigger role in the Middle East in the future puma basket heart blancas , especially as the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative advances in the region, said Wu Yihong, a Chinese expert on the Middle East.

China's constructive role is necessary to help the international community to find a way to ease unrest in the Middle East, he added.

by ALona Liashenko, Liu Hongxia

KIEV, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- "My city has turned into a battleground. I am very afraid, as it reminds me of the stories of my parents about the war puma creeper granates ," said Inga Frolova, a native Kiev citizen, who lives not far away from the city center, the main site of the ongoing protests.

The 47-year-old lady, who has a serious heart disease, claimed that her health has deteriorated over the violence in the country.

"I can not sleep at night because of emotional stress. I can not even go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, because transportation in Kiev is paralyzed puma rihanna creeper grises ," she told Xinhua.

"If I have a heart attack, I wonder if an ambulance could arrive quickly. Almost all of the doctors are busy with treating the victims of the conflict."

The violent clashes between Ukrainian riot police and protesters, which unexpectedly resumed in Kiev on Feb. 18, have so far claimed at least 35 lives and left hundreds of others injured.

"We are working almost round-the-clock. Patients lie even in the corridors of the hospitals. After working for 15 years as a doctor, I've never seen so many wounded," said therapist Valentina, who prefers not to give her last name.

One of the hurt in the clashes puma rihanna creepers rosa , the 22-year-old student Taras, who suffered shrapnel wound after a stun grenade exploded not far from him, said that he does not regret that he had participated in the protests.

"I am risking my life for the sake of every Ukrainian to fight against corruption and banditry in my country," Taras said.

Alongside Taras, tens of thousands of Ukrainians joined the protests. Not only students, but also teachers, businessmen and office workers changed their white shirts and polished shoes to camouflaged down-padded coats puma rihanna creepers españa , flak jackets and ankle boots.

Yet, not all Ukrainians support the demonstrators.

"Why the protesters have decided that they are representatives of the Ukrainian people? I am also a part of the nation, but I strongly object their actions. I can not get to work because the subway system is not functioning. I am afraid of being fired and I need this job to feed my daughter," said Inna Alexandrova, a restaurant accountant.

The subway system in the Ukrainian capital, which carries around 2 million passengers every day, was closed on Tuesday over a terror threat adidas nmd human race españa , triggering a transport disaster for the city, where some 4 million people live.

In addition, the protesters are blocking entry roads to Kiev to ward off riot police.

Traffic police also set up roadblocks to check vehicles entering the capital for explosives, weapons and other dangerous objects.

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