WASHINGTON, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Climate change in the polar regions may have worsened winter haze problems in China, which pledges more efforts to tackle air pollution despite the country's decreasing emissions, according to a study published Wednesday.

The study published in the U.S. journal Science Advances suggests that melting Arctic sea ice and increasing Eurasian snow, both caused by global climate change, have shifted China's winter monsoon, helping create stagnant atmospheric conditions that trap pollution over the country's major population and industrial centers.

"Emissions in China have been decreasing over the last four years, but the severe winter haze is not getting better," said Yuhang Wang, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, who led the study.

"Mostly, that's because of a very rapid change in the high polar regions where sea ice is decreasing and snowfall is increasing. This perturbation keeps cold air from getting into the eastern parts of China where it would flush out the air pollution."

The findings were based on an analysis of one of the worst air pollution events ever recorded in China, which engulfed the East China Plain in January 2013.

The haze prompted the Chinese government to institute strict targets for reducing emissions from industry and other sources. Despite these measures, haze continues in China during the winter season.

Modeling and data analysis done by Wang and his colleagues found correlations of stagnant air conditions over China to Arctic sea ice, which reached a record low in the fall of 2012, and snowfall in the upper latitudes of Siberia, which reached a record high earlier in the winter.

The results are consistent with observations that South Korea and Japan were unusually cold that winter, while East China was unusually warm, both suggesting that the cold center had moved, he said.

"The very rapid change in polar warming is really having a large impact on China," Wang said. "Our research shows that cutting greenhouse gases would help with the winter haze problem."

He Kebin, a Tsinghua University professor, who was not involved in the study, said the results of this paper may help explain in some way why average wind speeds in the North China Plain have been decreasing in recent decades.

But he noted that weather is only an external cause of air pollution and that long-term meteorological conditions that tend to be unfavorable may mean bigger cuts of pollutant emissions are needed for China to achieve its air quality improvement target.

Zhang Renyi, a professor at Texas A&M University, however, slammed this as a "weak" paper and said there are "several fundamental flaws" in their work, mostly noticeable in dealing with the cause-effect relationship.

"They did not prove that A (Artic sea ice) and B (severe haze in China) are even connected, other than for the simple fact of their co-occurrence," Zhang said.

LASHKAR GAH http://www.uashoesforsale.com/under-arm … rance.html , Afghanistan, June 22 (Xinhua) -- At least 15 Afghans were killed and some 50 others wounded when an explosion and ensuing gun fire rocked a local bank office in Lashkar Gah city, capital of southern province of Helmand on Thursday, a local source said.

"The initial information found that about 15 people died and over 50 others wounded after a suicide car bombing and gun firing struck Kabul Bank branch at around midday in Lashkar Gah city Mens Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Los Primeros ," a provincial government spokesman, Omar Zwak, told Xinhua.

Among other locals were members of local security forces waiting for access to enter the building and receive their wages before the attack, he said.

"The injured were shifted to nearby hospital and the number of casualties was likely to rise Wholesale Women's Under Armour UA Slingride TRI Green ," the source added.

Security forces have cordoned off the area for precautionary measures.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

The province, notorious for poppy growing, is a known Taliban stronghold.

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The tournament will be held in the polo stadium of Baku' s Horse Centre.

Four professional polo teams from Argentina, the United States, European countries and Azerbaijan have confirmed their participation in the competition.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 2 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have combined electrodes on top of the brain to sense movement in the parts of the body that experience essential tremor Men's Under Armour UA Fat Tire Hiking Deep Blue Clearance , along with a deep brain electrode, to deliver stimulation only when it's needed.

The approach, developed for the first time by electrical engineers, UW Medicine researchers and ethicists at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) at UW Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 2.5 Mid Triple Black For Sale , is described in a paper to be published in a forthcoming issue of IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.

Essential tremor is the most common movement disorder, affecting an estimated 7 million people in the United States alone. It triggers an involuntary, rhythmic shaking during intentional movement, complicating everyday tasks like writing Stephen Curry 2.0 "Father to Son" Mid For Sale , eating and drinking. When resting or sleeping, however, most patients have few or no symptoms.

The disease can be treated with a procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS Stephen Curry 2.0 MVP Pack Back 2 Back Cheap , where a neurosurgeon implants an electrode in the brain; the wire is then tunneled under the skin to a battery in the chest, which provides electrical stimulation that quiets the symptoms. In current use, these devices are constantly "on," delivering stimulation even when a patient doesn't need it.

The electrode in the thalamus of a patient's brain and its wiring with another implanted device housed under the clavicle tha.