BAMAKO Femme Puma Suede Classic Rose Soldes , March 17 (Xinhua) -- A United Nations helicopter on Tuesday crashed in northern Mali, killing two Dutch crew members, the U.N. force said in a statement.

The two-man crew of the Apache helicopter performed a "hard landing'' during the exercise near Gao, it said.

Investigation into the cause of the crash is underway.

The Netherlands has 450 military personnel Puma Suede Metallic Fade Sneakers Grise En ligne , four Apache and three Chinook helicopters in Mali as part of the U.N. mission.

BEIJING, July 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor andDirector of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Leading GroupYang Jiechi has published an article titled "Study and ImplementGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping's Thought on Diplomacy in a Deep-goingWay and Keep Writing New Chapters of Major-Country Diplomacy withDistinctive Chinese Features."

The following is the full text of the article:

Study and Implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's Thought onDiplomacy in a Deep-going Way and Keep Writing New Chapters ofMajor-Country Diplomacy with Distinctive Chinese Features


Yang Jiechi

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC), the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at itscore has, with great foresight and a comprehensive perspective Boutique Homme Puma Suede Classic Bleu Blanche ,reflected deeply on the future and destiny of mankind as well asthe general development trend of China and the whole world.Inspired by the two centenary goals (namely to finish building amoderately prosperous society in all respects by the centenary ofthe CPC in 2021 and to turn China into a modern socialist countrythat is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced andharmonious by the centenary of the People's Republic of China in2049) and the Chinese dream of national renewal Homme Puma Suede Rouge Or En ligne , the Central PartyCommittee has broken new ground in both diplomatic theory andpractice while maintaining consistency and continuity of China'sforeign policy. It has put forward new ideas and propositions withdistinctive Chinese features that embody the call of our times andenvision greater human progress. It is on this basis that GeneralSecretary Xi Jinping's thought on diplomacy has been formed andestablished. General Secretary Xi Jinping's thought on diplomacyrepresents the CPC Central Committee's new governing philosophy andstrategy as they apply to diplomacy and is an integral part of thetheories of socialism with distinctive Chinese features. It is avision that has greatly enriched and taken forward the diplomaticthinking and strategy of New China and will have extremelyimportant and far-reaching significance in steering China'sendeavor to keep pace with the times and make new progress inexternal work.


Diplomacy is an essential part of the overall work of the Partyand the State. At a time when China's relations with the rest ofthe world are undergoing profound changes and the Chinese nationhas entered a crucial stage of achieving renewal, General SecretaryXi Jinping's thought on diplomacy addresses new issues facingChina's diplomacy with a Marxist position, viewpoints andapproaches. It answers key questions such as what is major-countrydiplomacy with distinctive Chinese features and how to conduct it,and defines the guiding philosophy Puma Sportstyle Suede and Basket Classic Blanche Noir Vente , basic principles, key tasks,strategies and tactics, and institutional arrangements ofconducting external work in a new era. General Secretary XiJinping's thought on diplomacy is a comprehensive and profoundsystem of theories with rich connotations.

1. Setting strategic goals and key missions for China's externalwork in a new era. Based on his assessment of the global trend andthe historical stage China has reached Puma Sportstyle Suede and Basket Classic Noir En ligne , General Secretary XiJinping pointed out in explicit terms that we are closer than everto the center of the global stage, that we are closer than ever tofulfilling the Chinese dream of national renewal and that we aremore confident and able than ever to realize this goal. GeneralSecretary Xi Jinping has stressed the following: In pursuingdiplomacy, China will stay committed to peace, development andwin-win cooperation vans old skool pas cher , take into account both domestic andinternational situation and ensure both development and security.We will stay committed to peaceful development, resolutely upholdsovereignty, security and development interests and preserve andextend the major period of strategic opportunity for China'sdevelopment so as to pave the way for achieving the two centenarygoals and fulfilling the Chinese dream of national renewal. Theseimportant statements which expound on the nature, objectives andmissions of China's diplomacy are a fundamental guide to theconduct of China's external relations.

2. Boosting confidence in China as a major socialist countrywith distinctive Chinese features. General Secretary Xi Jinping hasrepeatedly emphasized that the whole Party should have firmconfidence in the path vans slip on femme , theories, system and culture of socialismwith distinctive Chinese features. The Chinese Communists andChinese people are fully confident of offering Chinese input tohuman exploration of better social systems. Since the 18th PartyCongress, China has overcome many difficulties and challenges onthe diplomatic front, forged ahead in a changing internationalenvironment puma ignite limitless pas cher , and made outstanding achievements. It has been proventhat socialism with distinctive Chinese features represents thebiggest strength, the most salient characteristic and the greatestopportunity of China's external affairs. Having full confidence inthe path, theories, system and culture of socialism withdistinctive Chinese features underpins and drives China's externalwork puma fenty bow pas cher , and ensures its success.

3. Laying out a great vision of building a community of sharedfuture for mankind. With a keen sense of responsibility for thewhole mankind and with the historical advance of the human societyin mind, General Secretary Xi Jinping shows a deep understanding ofthe trend of the times and future of mankin.