Cordoba For You

Cordoba is situated in a place where the past blends wonderfully with the present; in the interior of Andalusia. The city is one thousand years old Authentic Arron Afflalo Jersey , and it has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage. Not many cities in the world can be proud of being designated a World Heritage; so this already speaks for itself about its uniqueness. Something very special about Cordoba is that the city has been a capital both under the Roman Empire and under the Umayyad Caliphate, which brought a high level of intellectualism in the city. Seneca, Maimonides and Averroes were born in Cordoba.

The splendor of the past has been integrated in the present, but the modern buildings have been constructed in such a way that they perfectly integrate in with the old ones. If you are in Cordoba, you should first go to the old quarter. In the centre of the old quarter is the Great Mosque Cathedral; surrounded by a network of alleys, white courtyards and squares that delight the eye and reveal the importance of Cordoba in the Middle Ages. Since you are in Cordoba, discover it bit by bit.

The Regina Jewelry Museum, surrounded by more than three hundred jewelry shops are places where you can find out more about the techniques of creating the traditional Cordoba jewelry. Then you can go to the Cordoba Museum of Fine Arts, the Archeological and Ethnographic Museum, and to the Ethno botanical and Botanical Garden Museum. Once you are done with the museums, you should visit the monuments and the squares. They are places full of history and culture, representative of the Spanish people.

An Ecological City

Cordoba stands out from the other Spanish cities by its highly developed ecological sense. If you want to practice a sport which doesn?t have a big impact upon nature, or if you just love nature, Cordoba is the perfect place for you. The protected areas are the nature parks, such as Sierra de Cardena y Montoro. If you are a hiking lover, there are a few routes that stand at your disposal; and in addition to hiking, climbing, caving, even paragliding is available. Doesn?t it sound fun?

Where to Stay

As we have talked so much about nature in Cordoba and the way it harmoniously blends with civilization, why not choose to stay at a villa? Most of them are environmentally friendly. If you need a recommendation, choose Casa El Recreo (House of Relaxation); the name speaks for itself.

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