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It is important to seek educational of options that meets the unique needs of your child. A parent can be asking question like how to get an IEP for my child. There are numerous options available for parents having learners with learning disabilities or delayed skills. Whether you are requesting this services for your kid or referred by teacher or the child have been identified as eligible. The process often follows particular sequence such as;

You need to make referral request for evaluation of your kid, this can be due to an advice from a school professional. You need also to contact their teacher or other school professional and find out whether your kid should be evaluated. Such requests can be made verbally or in writing. Before the kid is evaluated, the consent of the parent is necessary and the process of evaluation must be completed within a reasonable time frame.

Requests for evaluation can either be made on writing or verbally. Before the evaluators proceeds with evaluation, they must seek your consent. In addition, the process must also be undertaken within the shortest time possible.

In evaluating your kid, evaluators are often focused on aspects related to the suspected disability and the developmental aspects. The results from such evaluation are essential as it assist in deciding on whether they are eligible for such specialized educational programs. However, one has a right to dispute such results and can engage independent education evaluators to render such services.

In scheduling the individual education program meeting, the school is expected to contact participants such as the parents and professionals. Parents should be informed earlier to plan for attending such meetings. They should also agree on the location and the time.

The team gathers and talks about the information written on their IEP. The parents and the students are part of the team. If situations where their placements is decided by different groups, then the parents have to be part of such groups. They have the rights to agree or disagree with the placement suggested by the IEP team.

The reports on the placement are served to the parent as well as the institution where they are placed. After such placements, their progress is measured and reported to parents. This entails progress towards the designed annual goals. Such feedback is regularly given to parents on whether the kid is progressing towards the goals by the end of the year.

The IEP is often reviewed by the IEP team; this is done at least once a year. This can be done more often where the parent or school asks for reviews. At least after three years, the kid will be re-evaluated. This is aimed at finding out the condition of the kid is improving or worsening. However, there can be regular reevaluation where need be or if the teacher or parent asks for new evaluation.

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