A Ka-32 helicopter starts to transport materials to the Inexpressible Island in Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 Blancas Baratas , Antarctic, Dec. 9, 2017.
By 3 a.m. on Dec. 10, 2017, materials weighing 250 tonnes were transported to the Inexpressible Island, where China plans to build its fifth station in the Antarctic in next five years. The new year-round research station will fill in the blank left in China's antarctic research since the Great Wall and Zhongshan stations cover different directions Hombre Nike Air Force 1 Bajas Blancas Baratas , one towards the Atlantic and the other towards the Indian Ocean.

A Ka-32 helicopter transport materials to the Inexpressible Island in Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea, Antarctic, Dec. 9, 2017. A Ka-32 helicopter transport materials to the Inexpressible Island in Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea, Antarctic OFF White x Nike Air Force 1 Bajas The Ten Blancas AO4606-100 Baratas , Dec. 9, 2017. Materials are seen on the Inexpressible Island in Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea, Antarctic, Dec. 9, 2017. The crane onboard China's Icebreaker Xuelong loads the material in Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea, Antarctic Botas Nike Air Force 1 Baratas , Dec. 9, 2017. A Ka-32 helicopter starts to transport materials to the Inexpressible Island in Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea, Antarctic, Dec. 9, 2017.

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BEIJING Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Baratas , Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping has appointed five new ambassadors, upon approval from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, according to a statement by the national legislature.

Bai Tian was appointed ambassador to Malaysia, replacing Huang Huikang.

Xiao Qian was appointed ambassador to Indonesia, replacing Xie Feng.

Yao Jing was appointed ambassador to Pakistan, replacing Sun Weidong.

Tan Jian was appointed ambassador to Ethiopia Nike Air Force 1 Azules Baratas , replacing La Yifan.

Li Baorong was appointed ambassador to Venezuela, replacing Zhao Bentang.

It was an ordinary summer morning in June in Datong, Shanxi province. Along the city's prosperous Weidu Avenue, people were busy commuting to work.

Suddenly, a sweet melody floated over the morning bustle. It is an elderly woman wearing the uniform of a city cleaner playing the saxophone in the corner. Beside her sat an elderly beggar, slurping instant noodles with a big smile on his face.

"I am a city sanitation worker so my job is to clean the streets. That was when I noticed this guy. He is always searching for food in garbage piles Nike Air Force 1 Verdes Baratas ," Jia Fengxia says. "I was sad the first time I saw him. So I bought him some noodles."

Jia first met the vagabond in August 2011, when she was picking up plastic bottles along Weidu Avenue. The man saw Jia, approached her, and passed her an empty bottle without a word.

Jia was very surprised.

"I could tell he might be mentally ill at that time," she says. "But he looks very sincere."

She continued to see the man while doing her rounds as a city cleaner, and began to think about how she could help him.

The next time when she saw him Nike Air Force 1 Mujer Baratas , Jia bought him some instant noodles and ham sausage.

She also brought her saxophone. While the man was enjoying the food, Jia sat next to him, playing old songs on her saxophone.

"He would usually approach me when he wants to eat instant noodles," Jia says.

He usually approaches Jia late in the afternoon, when she is about to finish her work. The two spend one or two hours together. While he is enjoying a bowl of hot noodles, Jia plays her favorite songs on the saxophone.

In March 2013 Nike Air Force 1 Naranja Baratas , a local reporter took a photo of Jia sitting next to the beggar playing the saxophone and posted the story on the Internet.

The photo received massive attention because the pair looked so happy and satisfied sitting around the street corner wearing simple clothes. Many people praised Jia for helping those in need, calling her "the most beautiful cleaner" in China.


CANBERRA, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Australian workers could find it harder to access jobs in Britain and afford the National Health Service, following the announcement of new immigration policies by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Australia's High Commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer, told Fairfax on Friday that May's Conservative Party was ""going for broke"" with their commitment to bring down the number of people migrating to the UK for work.

""Assuming the Conservatives win the election Nike Air Force 1 Granate Baratas , the only way (Australians) will get any improvement in our situation will be in the context of the Free Trade Agreement negotiations,"" Downer said.

Australia and the UK are in primary negotiations of constructing a Free Trade Agreement following the Brexit referendum.

The new immigration policies are part of May's Conservative party manifesto, which she launched in Yorkshire on Thursday ahead of the June general election.

This news comes as more Australians than ever before are migrating to Britain to take jobs, according to statistics released on Wednesday by the Office for National Statistics in the UK.

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