by Njoroge Kaburo

NAIROBI Nick Castellanos Jersey , July 11 (Xinhua) -- Chinese tech giant Huawei said Tuesday it has partnered with British money transfer service operator WorldRemit to enable African expatriates to send money home to millions of subscribers of Huawei's mobile money service platform across Africa.

The deal will enable Huawei to add a ready-made solution for remittances -- a growing mobile money product offering -- to its existing suite of services.

"International remittance is a very important mobile money service in Africa, and our partnership with WorldRemit will bring international remittances directly to Huawei's customers across the continent," David Chen, VP of Huawei Southern Africa said in a statement.

"Huawei is committed to providing advanced mobile money platforms and technologies to global mobile money operators," Chen said.

By enabling WorldRemit to connect to over 100 million mobile accounts currently using Huawei's platform, the deal is said to improve access to mobile money remittance for millions of people.

WorldRemit is the first international remittance company to partner directly with Huawei. The deal is expected to accelerate WorldRemit's technical integrations with new mobile money operators. Technical integration is frequently a barrier to offering international remittances for mobile network operators.

The technology works on both smartphones and basic handsets, so it is expected to be particularly successful in developing markets.

LOS ANGELES, July 7 (Xinhua) -- U.S. researchers report that they have developed a new method for the direct conversion of simple hydrocarbon building blocks into valuable materials such as pharmaceuticals in a way that dependably creates the same chemical bonds and orientations.

Many molecules come in two mirror-image configurations, often labeled left-handed and right-handed. Usually, only one of the two is biologically desired, but the issue is more complicated than that, Uttam Tambar, study author and associate professor of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern, said in a statement.

"Unsaturated hydrocarbons contain only two types of bonds, carbon-hydrogen and carbon-carbon. It is very challenging to selectively transform the starting material hydrocarbon, called the feedstock, into a product in which you have selectively transformed one carbon-hydrogen bond into a new bond in every molecule. We are able to do that," Tambar said.

According to the new study recently published online in Nature, a specially designed "chiral catalyst" is used to oxidize hydrocarbons into multifunctional compounds that are obtained in high purity and are readily converted into an assortment of molecules that will streamline the synthesis of future pharmaceutical drugs.

Researchers are not only dealing with left-or right-handed configuration, but also dealing with what position of the molecule is chemically modified.

Lead author of the study Leila Bayeh explained that "chiral catalyst" means that the catalyst that orchestrates the entire reaction has the proper orientation -- a left- or right-handed configuration as the situation requires -- in order to create the desired chemical transformation.

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Finding your wedding food can be a single of the most problematic choices of all. Standard sit down dinner with a few courses, or a various buffet with two programs vegetarian alternatives, vegan opportunities, lactose intolerant choices, there are so a good number of things to just take into consideration when discussing it with your wedding caterers.

The to start with determination is likely to be among buffet and sit down supper. Many times this is made a decision for you by the venue. If the venue only offers a plated sit-down meal then it's just a make a difference of making a choice on a menu that handles as a good number of dietary preferences as feasible. However if you have a venue that will fit possibly type of eating these are the things to bear in intellect when building your selection.

If your wedding ceremony has a formal, regular theme, then a sit-down, plated supper is your apparent option. A buffet meal suits events that are slightly much more informal, the place you want friends to be ready to mingle in excess of the food, rather than only having to speak to the persons with whom they are seated.

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